Curriculum Demos

Glitter Germ

This fun activity for all ages uses 'pretend germs' (cosmetic glitter and petroleum jelly) to demonstrate how far germs can travel from child to child.

Invisible Things

This black light activity helps children understand the meaning of the concept of "invisible." Even though your hands look clean, they can still carry germs.

Hand Washing Sequence Cards

This fun game builds an understanding of sequences while helping children understand the steps of proper hand washing.

Glo Germ with Young Children

Using Glo Germ with a black light helps children understand which parts of their hands they may not be washing correctly, leaving germs behind.

How to Catch a Sneeze

Training video teaching young children how to 'catch a sneeze' in their elbow or in a tissue.

This material is based on work funded by the National Integrated Food Safety Initiative (NIFSI), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), under Agreement No. 2008-51110-04365; Michigan State University, New Mexico State University, and Kansas State University cooperating.